Summary of Facility Monitoring
Facility Name: Oak Tree Academy, LLC Date: 11/25/2015 Time: 5:37:38 PM
Case Number: K830024468

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Facility Name Oak Tree Academy, LLC Director Deborah Martin
Location 202 S. East St.
Ft. Gibson, Oklahoma 74434
E-Mail Address
Facility Phone (918)478-1200 Fax
Current Star Level 2 Stars County of Facility Muskogee
Worker Name Jennifer Mallery Contact Phone Number N/A
Last Visit Facility Type Center
Capacity 53 Accept Subsidy Yes
Ages Accepted 0 - 11 Months, 12 - 23 Months, 2 Years, 3 Years, 4 Years, 5 Years
Service Provided Daytime Hours
Transportation Field Trips, Children's Schools

Monitoring Summary since 11/25/2014
Listed below are the non-compliances OBSERVED during a visit. The regulation, its description, the non-compliance observed according to the regulation, and a plan of corrective action are all provided.
Visit Date 11/20/2015 Visit Type Full Purpose of Visit Periodic
No non-compliances observed

Visit Date 7/29/2015 Visit Type Full Purpose of Visit Periodic
No non-compliances observed

Visit Date 7/12/2015 Visit Type Full Purpose of Visit Periodic
No non-compliances observed

Visit Date 3/26/2015 Visit Type Full Purpose of Visit Periodic
No non-compliances observed

Visit Date 3/25/2015 Visit Type Partial Purpose of Visit STARS
No non-compliances observed

Visit Date 3/12/2015 Visit Type Full Purpose of Visit Periodic
RequirementRegulation DescriptionNonCompliance ObservedPlan To CorrectCorrection DateNRS
110-3-5(c)(1)(B)name of the person responsible for the center during the director's absence;Person in charge during director's absence was posted, but was not able to assist licensing with monitoring visit, for example did not know the number of children enrolled or where needed documents were kept. To learn where needed documents are kept. 03/12/2015No
110-3-11(c)(5)(B)has medication, cleaning materials, detergents, aerosol cans, pesticides, health and beauty aids, poisons, and other toxic materials stored in their original labeled containers. Smaller containers may be used for these products if they are properly labeled with the product name, and warning information is maintained at the facility;Laundry room was unlocked. Numerous bottles of toilet cleaners were stored on the bottom shelf (ground level) and accessible to small children. Keep door locked. Provider locked door while licensing present. 03/12/2015No
110-3-14(b)(2)(C)Mattresses and playpen pads are firm and fit the crib, port-a-crib, or playpen snugly with no more than one inch between the mattress and crib.Mats that were approximately 2-3 inches thick were added to two play pens in the infants room, on top of play pen mattress pad. Provider indicated that these were added to make the pad softer. Took both mattresses out and will not put back in. 03/12/2015No
110-3-25.5(c)(4)Waterbeds, sofas, soft mattresses, pillows, beanbag chairs, and other soft surfaces are prohibited as infant sleeping surfaces.Soft mattresses were added to two infant play pens. One infant was asleep on one of them. The mattresses were at least 2-3 inches thick and soft. Provider states mattresses were added to make the play pen mat softer. Took mattress out while child sleeping. Will not put back in. 03/12/2015Yes

Complaint Summary since 11/25/2014
No data on file